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Reality-Based Self Defence

Who Are We?

We specialise in teaching women's self-defence seminars. Our aim at PH combat is not just to arm the student with easy-to-learn techniques that work in real life situations but also to arm them with personal awareness and situational awareness so that they are not seen as an “easy meal” for an attacker. When it comes to a violent confrontation, prevention is always better than cure!

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We offer regular classes around the UK, in schools and universities. Private, one-on-one sessions are available locally in Lichfield, Staffordshire. We also aim to facilitate a fun, safe environment for our students to learn before going away with confidence in themselves, as well as peace of mind and improved mental wellbeing. We believe that the streets should be safe for everyone and we want women to feel empowered while alone. PH Combat is also a great place to make new friends and grow together!

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Confidence Through Self Defence

We offer Women’s self-defence classes (high school age and above) and 4–11-year-old primary classes.

What Do We Teach?

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Pad Work Drills

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Control and Restraint

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Escape from Lock and Hold

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Ground Work

Well-equipped women make for safer streets and safer world for everyone.

Get in touch, by calling 07456 482 078, to arrange classes for your school or university, or to find out about our Private one-to-one sessions.

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PH Combat is a great place to make new friends and grow together!'




Traditional Martial Arts

For the most part, their techniques are not trained under any form of stress or in a high-pressure environment. Many have never been used in actual self-defence. Devotees of traditional martial arts often practice these techniques because someone thought “this might work in combat,” rather than because of any real-world experience or application. It is not reality-based self-defence but, largely, theatre and tradition. Practitioners usually keep to these systems out of tradition, rather than due to practicality.

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They look great on TV but they are just that: a sport. There is a referee to make sure rules are followed and a medical team on standby. Because of this the fighters don't have the same stress or risk as someone attacked in the street. They also only have to focus on one attacker, not many. Beyond that, it’s called a “match” for a reason: combatants are matched in size, skill and weight. When we are attacked in a real-life situation, the attacker tends to be three or four times our size, which is why they are confident about attacking us. So, you would have great difficulty applying these techniques to a real-world situation. In a street attack, there are no rules to be followed, making thing simpler for an attacker.


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     Easy to learn





Get to know yourself, your body, your strengths and weaknesses and build confidence with our reality-based self-defence classes.

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At PH combat we emphasis pad-work drills so our students get used to striking with full power. That way, it comes naturally when defending themselves. Tactics and strategies are just as important too: Tactics are the only way to beat a larger attacker or one who has more skill. We teach what we call the "Road Map to Combat." On this road map, we have three steps.



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This is what we want to do 10 out of 10 times in a self-defence situation. This involves pre-emptive striking, when we decide we can't talk our way out of a situation and the attacker is working up the confidence to launch an attack against us. The vast majority of fights end with a single punch, so it’s better that we throw it, rather than them.


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This is what we do in the situation that our attacker has begun to launch their attack. What the attacker will often do is bring up their guard, creating what we call a "road block." We can either go round this road block or crash through it. We teach five easy-to-learn and effective techniques to do just that.


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Though it may not sound it, this is the fun part! When our students are competent in these easy-to-learn, yet effective, techniques, we will turn the pressure up by training under stress, through our scenario training. Scenario training is highly important and yet the vast majority of other self-defence trainers don't do it. If the student is not used to the stress of an attack, their mind will go blank in a real-life situation and they might not defend themselves.



If you’re looking for reality-based self-defence classes that are genuinely useful in a real-life situation, give us call on 07456 482 078.

Come and learn in a safe, fun environment that readies you for anything the real world can throw at you!

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